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We invite content volunteers

Do you talk about your own experience of being abroad and share useful tips on your social networks or blog? Let’s do a cool thing together!

Share your story and help those who do not know where to start. We will be happy to share your tips in Unchain helper bot so that as many Ukrainians as possible learn about them.

Thanks to our cooperation, Ukrainian immigrants will be able to receive concise and useful information on one platform, without spending time searching independently in hundreds of chats and publics.

The main task of a content volunteer is to write practical articles and instructions for Ukrainians abroad that will help them adapt quickly.

  • search for housing (features of housing in the country, state assistance with search, etc.);
  • legalization (registration of documents and passport, return home, the best ways to solve complex issues);
  • medicine (features of health insurance, doctor’s search);
  • finances;
  • job / business (job search, advice for freelancers, starting a business, paying taxes, etc.);
  • education for children (features of kindergartens and schools, online learning, obtaining a certificate, classes for children during the holidays, the education system in the country);
  • communication (choice of mobile operator and Internet provider);
  • transport (public transport, sale and maintenance of own car, insurance);
  • features of keeping pets and behavior in society with them, etc.

Count on your own capabilities. A volunteer is a person who helps voluntarily at a time convenient to him.

Fill out the form below and join the circle of good now! You will be contacted by the person responsible for the content and you will agree on the publications.

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